Help us reach our goal in saving the planet ! Let’s make upcycle the new normal.

Help us reach our goal in saving the planet ! Let’s make upcycle the new normal.

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Here at LOT XI, we aim to give our global community an opportunity to enjoy self-care goods that benefit your personal wellness, as well as the overall well-being of our environment.


By joining forces with us today, your participation places us a step closer in acquiring a manufacturing and sanitation facility.


Together, we can reduce our carbon footprint, and here’s how you can help…

Tier  I: Upcycle LOT XI glass containers with us at our next pop.  #doyourpart #savetheplanet


Get Social - $50

  • Receive a special shout out on LOT XI social channels 

  • Your name will be proudly displayed on our website supporter wall


The LOT XI Experience Box Sponsorship - $300 

  • Give the gift of self-care with our exclusive curated  boxes that includes our best sellers: candle, 2 herbal soaps, 2 organic body butters, smudge kit (sage & palo santo), eucalyptus fresh spray and LOT XI gift card


LOT XI Community Self-Care Sponsorship #Hisselfcare - $500 

  • We will be launching Dopp Kits September 2022 that will include eco-friendly and non-toxic goods which will include plant based herbal soap bar, organic body butter, lip balm, non-toxic room spray and aromatherapy roll-on. 

  • Your contribution will provide 6 Dopp Kits to Boys & Men locally to amplify #hisselfcare in wellness spaces


The LOT XI Bi-Annual Experience Sponsorship - $1,000

  • Wellness activations in underrepresented communities consist of sponsoring wellness workshops that include experts on offering holistic mental health support and maximizing sensory healing as practical tools for self-care


LOT XI Environmental Impact Yearly Advisory Board Member - $5,000 

  • Environmental planning by participating in capacity building and training to continue to move humanity forward through sustainable packaging by addressing key societal issues within LOT XI’s mission and vision

  • Engage in thought provoking experiences at our Bi-Annual Wellness Activations with invite only access 

  • Bi-Annual Advisory Meeting regarding LOT XI projects and environmental strategies while building the gap between local and global communities



If you would like to support LOT XI in a larger way, please reach out via the email at



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