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Say hello to our 3 best sellers!

Hand-poured and crafted with coconut wax and essential oil blends. Each candle (2 oz.) burn time is 14-18 hours.

*PLEASE NOTE: Mini candles are sold in sets of 3 (1 of each scent) or 6 (2 of each scent).

Eucalyptus x Spearmint
We hope you love the name of the candle just as much as we do. It’s absolutely one of the things we forget to do before pressing send on an email, working, or even just trying to rest. Eucalyptus and Spearmint remind you to Breathe!

Good Vibes

Jasmine x Rosemary
The warm notes of jasmine can give rosemary a nice chill pill and offer a good vibe experience.

Sunday Morning
Lemon x Verbena
For a burst of citrus, but subtle and just enough fresh ingredient notes to leave a refreshing aroma.