At LOT XI, we pride ourselves in sewing the seed in communities that we benefit from by giving back where we see a need.


Our Compton Native candle is a gift that keeps on giving. 15% of sales are donated to Compton based organizations and community causes quarterly. 

As of the 1st quarter 2020, $1,175 has been donated.


Our Inglewood candle is infused with handcrafted oils to bring in woodsy notes with soft floral aroma and vetiver as an aromatherapy oil to help with sleep and nervousness. Let’s light this candle to give 15% of sales to fund mental health  support groups for students attending schools in the City of Inglewood.

As of the 1st quarter 2020, $15.75 has been donated.


Tell us how you or someone you know sews seeds in a local community. 

We want to highlight YOU! It’s important to celebrate the sheroes and heroes in our community. We will highlight movers and shakers quarterly and show our gratitude through our subscribers and media platforms.