1. Why is the scent of my candle not strong?

We use essential oils and essential oil blends not synthetic oils. Breathing plant based oils are healthier for you then synthetic oils.

2. How can I get my candle to last longer?

Trim the wick after every use.

3. What is the difference between coconut wax and soy wax?

Soy wax goes through a chemical process that contributes to the 2nd largest contributed to deforestation. Coconut wax does not leave as large of a carbon footprint compared to soy. It is a cleaner burn and burns slower than soy so you get to enjoy your candle longer!

4. How often should I exfoliate with the sugar scrub?

No more than twice a week. We would not want you to scrub all of your nutrients away.

5. What can I use to mix my facial mask?

Any plastic or wooden utensil works great. You want to maximize the use of the clay and not decrease the charge by using metals.

6. Can I use water to mix my facial mask?

We don’t want to increase the PH level in your skin, so we suggest any dairy or non-dairy milk will work.