Men's Summer Skin Care Tips

The official first day of summer is approaching and we at LOT XI want to highlight men’s skin care, something that is not talked about enough- but is just as important. Male skin care can be different because they typically don't have to worry about hormones, so their skin is usually more oily and coarse. Here are five summer skin care tips for men, in case you haven't been following up on your own routine!


  1.     Drink plenty of water: Drink at least 8 cups of water each day to flush your skin of any toxins! Water can prevent scars, wrinkles, and slow down aging. Your skin is your body's largest organ and will often reflect your level of hydration, so be sure to drink enough water daily to ensure you are getting the optimum intake


  1.     Exfoliate: Men tend to have a tougher, rougher complexion that needs more exfoliation than women do. Exfoliating has multiple benefits such as preventing clogged pores and enhancing absorption- so you can use topical products more effectively.


  1.       Moisturize: This is extremely important for men because they naturally have more oil, and that needs to be controlled with moisturizer. For best results, apply moisturizer to your skin every morning and evening.


  1.     Apply Sunscreen: Don't forget to apply this for protection from the sun- even if it’s cloudy outside! Sunscreen is important for lighter and darker complexions- fair skin men are especially more sensitive toward UV light. Sunscreen reduces risk of skin cancer, helps prevent sunburns and helps avoid wrinkles.


  1.     Apply Chapstick: Using chapstick protects your lips in several ways, especially during the summer. Our lips do not naturally oil like the rest of our body, so we must make sure we have that covered. Applying chapstick keeps your lips moisturized, protected and healthy.


It is time to promote a healthy start to the summer! Here are products that we recommend to start or refresh your summer skin care routine:


  1.     Chapstick: Nature Boy Lip Balm- only $5!


  1.     Exfoliate: Good Vibes Organic Sugar Scrub by LOT XI

  1.     Sunscreen: Black Girl Sunscreen


  1.     Moisturize: Tribe Body Butter by LOT XI



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